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Looking for apartments in Champaign or Urbana? What about somewhere near the Engineering Campus, or near Carle Hospital? We have over 120 units conveniently located near the campus of UIUC. Choose a neighborhood and start looking at listings around that area! Get in Touch for showings.

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West of UIUC’s Campus, near Athletic & Sports Centers

1308 Grandview Dr., on Hessel Park off of S. Neil St.


North Campus, near Engineering Campus & Science Buildings

208 N. Harvey Ave.

905 W. Springfield Ave.

709 W. Main St.


East of UIUC Campus, near School of Social Work and School of Music

714 W. Nevada St.

703 W. Oregon St.


Northeast University of Illinois’ Campus – walking distance from Carle Hospital

  • 700 Block of W. Springfield Ave.:

707 W. Springfield Ave.

705 W. Springfield Ave.

101 N. Coler Ave.

704 W. Western Ave.


  • 600 Block of Elm St.:

604 W. Elm St.

604.5 W. Elm St.

606 W. Elm St.

606.5 W. Elm St.

608 W. Elm St.

609 W. Elm St.

610 W. Elm St.

611 W. Elm St.

612 W. Elm St.


  • 700 Block of Elm St.:

701 W. Elm St.

705 W. Elm St.

711 W. Elm St.


  • 700 Block of W. Green St.:

704 W. Green St.

706 W. Green St.

712 W. Green St.

714 W. Green St.

203 S. Coler St.