University of Illinois Houses for Rent

For a group of friends, few other rental companies in Champaign-Urbana can offer the selection & affordability in their apartment listings that Hunsinger does. We work hard to make each of our resident’s experiences a great one, and rental houses are a great option for UIUC students.

Hunsinger Apartments has houses for rent near the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

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Furnished Houses for Rent near UIUC’s Campus

To help lower student living costs, all of our houses for rent come fully furnished.

Our houses have included and free fiber-optic Internet, an amenity for students you might not find in a typical apartment. Living rooms have furniture provided, each kitchen has a gas or electric stove, dishwashers, and refrigerators. In addition, we provide in-unit laundry for your convenience.

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2 Bedroom House: 101 N. Coler – Urbana, IL

We have one location that’s a 2-bedroom house, right off of W. Springfield Avenue in Urbana. 101 N. Coler Ave is located in a quiet neighborhood within half a mile from Carle Hospital. For medical or nursing students or young professionals at the hospital, this would be a great option. The Engineering campus is also within walking distance a few blocks west.

Nearby Amenities include:

• One block from Bus Stops for 10 Gold, 13 Silver, & 130 Silver/Silver Limited
• Multiple gas stations on the corner of S. Lincoln Ave & W. Green St
• Lincoln Square Mall in downtown Urbana (201 Lincoln Square, Urbana)
• Office of the Registrar (901 W. Illinois St.)
• Strawberry Fields Café (306 W. Springfield Ave.)
• Caffe Bene (700 S. Gregory St.)
• Caffe Paradiso (801 S. Lincoln Ave.)
• Merry Ann’s Diner on Campus (701 S. Gregory St.)

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4 Bedroom Houses:

604 W. Elm – Urbana, IL

604 W. Elm is a two-story house with unique characteristics and large rooms. With lots of room for storage and porches that provide extra space, this a one of a kind property in a great location.

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609 W. Elm – Urbana, IL

609 W. Elm across the street has two floors, with a full kitchen on each floor. The downstairs area features modern renovations and a unique dining booth off of the kitchen. It also features in-unit laundry for your convenience.

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612 W. Elm – Urbana, IL

612 W. Elm is a furnished two-story house with a large living room. Featuring 1.5 baths, this is a great option for 4 roommates looking for an off-campus rental house with unique character.

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612 W. Elm in Urbana, IL on the University of Illinois Campus

7 Bedroom Houses:

608 W. Elm – Urbana, IL

Share a three-story building with your best friends! Outside of UIUC’s campus, this is one of the only group houses you can find, with enough bedrooms and furnishings for seven people. This spacious house is in the middle of a residential neighborhood with many student apartments and rental houses.

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608 W. Elm Living Room on the University of Illinois campus

705 W. Springfield – Urbana, IL

Take your pick from this 7-bedroom house as well! Springfield Avenue is a major through street that runs right through the middle of downtown Champaign and Campustown. With easy access to IL-10 / US-150, students with a car can easily get to any part of Champaign-Urbana. Take a look at more of this property’s features.

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Group Home with Unique Top Floor Space

Rent a 9 Bedroom Group House:

707 W. Springfield – Urbana, IL

For one of the most affordable off-campus apartment options, take a look at this 9-bedroom group home. Each of the three floors has a distinct layout, including a lounge area on the top floor with a full kitchen and built-in bar top. Make 707 W. Springfield the best place to host friends and family.

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Nearby Amenities to these UIUC Rental Houses:

• 5 Green & Green Express Bus Stop, 50 Green Bus Stop at S. Busey & W. Green
• 10 Gold, 13 Silver, & 130 Silver at W. Springfield & N. Busey
• The Courier Café (111 N. Race St.)
• Lincoln Square Mall, downtown Urbana (201 Lincoln Square, Urbana)
• Office of the Registrar (901 W. Illinois St.)
• Strawberry Fields Café (306 W. Springfield Ave.)
• Siam Terrace (212 W. Main St.)
• Crane Alley (115 W. Main St.)
• Black Dog Smoke & Ale House (201 N. Broadway Ave.)