UIUC Campus Parking

Plowed parking space Covered Parking for Non Residents

Need parking near UIUC?

We currently offer available parking spots to non-residents at the following locations in Urbana.

Rate: $45.00 per month.

704 W. Western
705 W. Elm
708 W. Elm (parking lot)
905 W Springfield

Please contact our office at 217-352-5509 in you are interested!

Rent a Parking Spot at Hunsinger’s Properties

We rent parking to non-residents on a first-come, first-serve basis after holding spaces for our residents first. Every year we tend to have spare spaces after leases are signed. We rent these additional spots to students in the area to ensure they have a place to park near UIUC’s campus at any time.

We realize that many apartments near campus do not provide off-street parking, but many of our properties do. Instead of making these exclusive to our tenants, we provide this service for anyone on campus to use. All parking spots are assigned, guaranteeing peace of mind for you.

Contact the leasing office to get your name on our waiting list when parking becomes available for non-tenants.