Frequently Asked Questions

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When is rent due?

All rent is due on or before the first day of every month.

How may I pay rent?

There are a few methods for making payments:

We primarily accept online payments through our website with this form.

We will also accept the following methods of payment for rent:
Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, Traveler’s Check, Money Order, or Cash.

Is there a grace period before late fees are applied?

Yes, we allow a five-day grace period for rent. After the fifth day of the month, a delinquency charge of 5% will be assessed.

I’ve paid my share of rent, but my roommates haven’t. Am I still responsible?

Yes, you are. All of our leases are joint tenancies. This means that everyone on the lease is EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE for all fees, penalties, and payments.

How much is the damage deposit?

The damage deposit is equal to one month’s rent.

Can my damage deposit be applied to rent?

No, damage deposits are to pay for any damages that occur during the lease term.

When are damage deposits refunded?

Minus any charges, damage deposits are mailed out 30 days after the lease term ends.

High-Speed Internet
Providing Free High-Speed Fiber-Optic Internet

Pavlov Media provides 3 tiers of speed depending on the content:

  1. Most popular video and media content are stored on the Tesseractiv server and available at 1,000Mbps.
  2. WebSnap: Use the full available bandwidth to instantly load a webpage. Allows up to 250Mbps for 2 seconds.
  3. For content not on Tesseractiv server and after WebSnap is used: 50Mbps cap per person.

Pavlov Media has 24/7 customer support at 888.4.PAVLOV or online. 98% of calls are answered within 90 seconds. Pavlov is locally based out of Champaign.

The system is already set up and is plug-and-play for your convenience.

Who is responsible for the utilities in my apartment?

Unless specified in the lease, all utilities are the responsibility of you, the tenant. This also includes making arrangements to have utilities connected at the beginning of the lease and disconnected at the end of the lease term.

Many of our apartment rates cover some of the utility charges, but they differ from one property to the next. Please be sure to read over our listings and leases carefully, and feel free to ask us if you have any questions. Remember, all of our apartments featured fully furnished units and common spaces!

What are the phone numbers of the utility companies?

The telephone numbers for the local utilities are listed below for your reference.

  • Electricity & Gas – Ameren (800) 755-5000
  • Water – Illinois American Water (800)-422-2782

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Leasing Options
Does Hunsinger Apartments offer any semester or short-term leases?

No, unfortunately, we only offer 12-month leases for our units.

Application Fee

**Application: There is a $40.00 fee to process the application.**

What if I want to sublease my apartment?

Listed below are our subleasing procedures.

  1. All sublessors need to complete an application and be approved.
  2. All subleases are done by appointment only, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  3. The lessee’s account must be current (no past due rent, late fees, etc.).
  4. A $50.00 administrative fee is due at the time of signing the sublease.
  5. All lessees must be present at the time of signing. If any lessee cannot be present at the time of signing, we must have a letter prior to signing the sublease from non-present lessees. The letter needs to state, “I agree to all terms and conditions my roommates set forth in a sublease.”
  6. One original lessee must be present to do a sublease.

Our maintenance team is on-call for requests and accepts them on a first come, first serve basis. Please make yourself aware of our emergency charges and FAQs as to the services we can provide at your unit.

Click here for Maintenance Details and Maintenance FAQ

Someone is parked in my parking place, what should I do?

Parking at Hunsinger Apartments is always based on assigned spaces. If someone else has parked in your spot it is your responsibility to have them towed. You should call Tatman’s Towing directly at 217-328-1627. Be sure to have a copy of your parking lease on hand to show the tow truck driver as well, should they ask.

I’m not a resident of Hunsinger Apartments but am looking for parking near campus; may I rent a parking space from you?

Yes, we will rent parking to non-residents on a first-come, first-serve basis. Every year we tend to have spare spaces at a handful of our properties. We rent these spots to students in the area on a semester or annual basis. Contact our office today!

UIUC Campus Parking Information >

Keep in mind that early in the leasing season we will hold spaces for our residents first. Contact the leasing office at 217-352-5509 to get your name on our waiting list when parking becomes available for non-tenants.

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