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Without the proper research and expertise, finding the perfect Urbana IL house for rent for you and your friends as you attend the University of Illinois can be a daunting task. For many years, Hunsinger Enterprises has been committed to the high-level of knowledge and professionalism necessary to achieve a successful rental relationship. The professionals at Hunsinger Apartments stay abreast with the current trends and methods available for finding just the right home and neighborhood for that perfect “fit,” eliminating unnecessary effort and wasted time on your part. In addition, students are assured that our staff has been educated with the latest updates in real estate regulations and can provide top-rate service through quality homes.

Hunsinger Enterprises has homes for rent in different locations covering the University of Illinois area including Urbana and Champaign, making us the leading home and apartment rental company of choice by students both graduate and undergraduate, researchers, faculty, staff, and families of the University of Illinois. With our knowledge of the area combined with our mission to satisfy your needs, you can be confident that Hunsinger Enterprises will provide you with quality homes and services that “go the extra mile” so that you can live conveniently and comfortably. Our homes await, as they come with the modern amenities and furnishings so that you can focus on things that are more important – your studies and living college life to the fullest.


Things to Consider when Renting a House

A large proportion of enrolled students in universities lived off-campus in non-family households. This means that many students, for the first time in their lives, have decided to live independently and privately in the comfort of their own homes. As first time renters, these students have many things to consider, and these considerations make good practice for when they grow older and are ready to purchase their own living space. Right now, they will need to feel ready to identify and avoid the costly pitfalls of the rental process by knowing that different factors such as the terms of the lease, the deposit, the condition of the unit, and potential roommates come with their own hazards. All of these can be quite standard, but renters should still be aware of them nonetheless.

First, once a student has established his monthly budget rental, he would need to consider any upfront costs, which would include the first and last month’s rent, security deposit, and other holding fees. In addition, typical recurring costs include the actual rent, utilities (which may be included in the rent), and miscellaneous services offered onsite (such as Internet, cable, phone, parking, and others). Second, choosing roommates requires some basic considerations such as whether they can be trusted with your personal belongings, they have pets, or they have lifestyle choices that may not be similar but at least be acceptable to yours.

There are many other considerations to renting a house such as the floor space, furnishing, inclusions, rules, maintenance, and service of the landlord. At Hunsinger Enterprises, we work hard by helping you with all of these considerations.

Fully Furnished Houses for Rent in Urbana IL

Hunsinger Enterprises can help you find furnished houses for rent in Urbana IL. Our houses range from 3-bedroom to 9-bedroom, perfect for tight-knit friends or large groups. For example, our 9-bedroom house for rent in 707 W Springfield Ave. in Urbana is a duplex that is fully furnished and includes free fiber-optic Internet connection. Its kitchen has two refrigerators and two gas stoves. It also has three levels of living space including a large great room on the third floor with a built-in bar. Lastly, it has an on-site laundry facility and five free parking spaces.

Let Hunsinger Apartments help you with quality Urbana IL homes. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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