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UIUC Houses for Rent

UIUC Houses for Rent

UIUC Houses for Rent


When you find that your old apartment is too small for you, and you and some friends have decided to move to a bigger place, Hunsinger Apartments has a solution. Our UIUC houses for rent offer a larger place for you. We have 4-to-9 bedroom houses that are furnished with everything that you need to live comfortably and experience college life to the fullest. With our houses for rent, many of our past tenants have successfully finished college while living comfortably with the amenities that we offer.

Home Listings

You, too, should experience college living in one of our beautiful homes. As a family-owned company, Hunsinger Apartments knows the importance of having a comfortable and convenient home and a great maintenance service to match. We know that you have to focus on your studies, so we provide all the necessary services to keep your mind at ease from all house-related issues that may arise. Moreover, our home inclusions such as furnishings and high-speed Internet provide convenience for you and your housemates.

Our UIUC Houses

A beautiful and comfortable 4-bedroom house located at Elm St. in Urbana. This UIUC house has an old-time charm and is equipped with modern amenities such as central air conditioning, fiber-optic Internet connection, and a gas stove. It covers 1500 sq. ft. of living space that features the original woodwork, staircase, a large front porch, and a small screened-in porch on the second floor. In addition, it has an on-site laundry facility as well as free parking. This house is priced at $1930 per month with a June-to-June lease.

Another UIUC house for rent is located in Springfield Avenue, Urbana. It is a 9-bedroom duplex that can be leased as a 9-bedroom house. This 2,875 sq. ft. property is fully furnished and includes free fiber-optic Internet. The kitchen features two refrigerators and two gas stoves. There are three levels of living space with 2.5 bathrooms, including a large great room on the 3rd floor with a built-in bar. The home has window unit A/Cs, an on-site laundry facility, and five free parking spaces.

Get Quality UIUC Houses

Hunsinger Apartments is dedicated to providing your with quality housing during your stay at UIUC. Trust us to offer a house that will fit your needs. Contact us today for more information about our apartments and services.

Beautiful UIUC Homes by Hunsinger Apartments